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Sports Injury

From a sprained ankle or twisted knee to muscle spasms or broken bones, massage can provide the opportunity for faster recovery. … Deep Tissue Massage — helps flush lactic acid and other metabolic waste from your muscles, allowing more oxygen-rich and nutrient-filled blood to flow in.

Chronic Headache

A remedy that many find effective, but not so many seek out, is massage. As a therapy, massage can help relieve muscle spasms, it can improve blood flow and circulation, relieving tension and promoting relaxation. It has been shown to be helpful in bringing relief for both tension and vascular headaches

Scoliosis & Krphosis

Some people are born with these conditions while others acquire them due to injury or posture. Tension accumulates over time due to excessive activity, inactivity, or trauma. Consistent care for the body restores suppleness of your muscles back to their original condition. An ongoing health care plan keeps bodily stress away allowing you to fully participate in life without pain.

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What our clients say

Galina’s Massage Therapy really provides a relaxed and comfortable environment which is key to getting a great massage!

Michelle Prinstein

Every time I run I feel tight and Galina has been an absolute treasure in helping me get ready for my next day of training

Jerome Thompson Developer@yahoo.com

Galina has been able to really relieve my stress after a long week. Sitting all day in an office can take its toll

Kristy Linkwell CEO@google.com